Show judges 2024

ManchesterM. Armstrong S. BardwellW Browne-Cole
GSC Open L. MellorT. BraithwaiteT. Braithwaite
NSC ChampA. HollandS. HattrellL. Longdin (no tickets)
NSC Open Show H. SmithH. SmithK. Young
CruftsC. Wareing D. Martin D. Brixey
BUBA open K. YoungK. YoungNo Breed Classes
SCGB ChampE. LongdinP. BradshawJ. Rual
W&P of WalesNo Breed ClassesNo Breed Classes
MSC Open Show L. Parker L. Parker L. Parker
WELKSJ. ManserNo Breed Classes
Birmingham National G. Pollinger-Sorre G. Pollinger-Sorre E. Patterson
SKC (May)T. Johnston K. CarrollR. Kinsey
SKC (October)G. OgburnL. WilsonJ. Ritchie
Bath T. MatherR. Hole J. Horswell
Southern Counties E P Hollings
Three Counties K. MossK. MossM. Smee
Border Union T. SearsonNo Breed ClassesNo Breed Classes
BlackpoolJ. HoodC. ClayJ. Van Den Berg
WindsorT. McDermott
Scottish Utility J. Power No Breed Classes
Boston M. PhillipsNo Breed Classes
NWPBNo Breed Classes No Breed Classes G. Ogburn
GSC Open V. WoodsV. WoodsV. Woods
LeedsD. Robbins
Paignton J. HorswellJ. HorswellNo Breed Classes
BournemouthB. DayNo Breed Classes
Welsh KCJ. RualT. MatherK. Sanders
City Of Birmingham
Richmond H. Hutchings-Brooks
Driffield D. SpavinNo Breed Classes A. Kidd
Darlington D. BrixeyT. Johnston A. King
South Wales K. Bradbury-Hall K. Bradbury-HallT. Johnston
GSC Champ No Breed ClassesNo Breed ClassesF. Kane
Midland Counties G. RobertsonNo Breed Classes
NSC Champ C. EllingworthJ. CallowK. Moss
MSC Champ E. HaapaniemiNo Breed Classes No Breed Classes
MSC ChampV. TierneyNo Breed Classes No Breed Classes
SCGB Champ P. ScanlonJ. KitchenerJ. Kitchener
BUBAK. CarrollF. KrallNo Breed Classes
LKA D. KillileaE. KellyH. Ogden

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