Renal Dysplasia

DOGenes Inc have an international all breeds DNA test for Renal Dysplasia (RD), a condition where the kidneys do not develop normally and may lead to kidney failure.

RD may be acquired or inherited, and for the genetic form DOGenes state the mode of inheritance is dominant with incomplete penetrance. This means a single copy of the mutation is sufficient to cause the disease.

Dogs with one or two copies of the mutation maybe clinically normal throughout life, or may develop symptoms later. The penetrance for renal dysplasia is thought to be low and only a small percentage of adults with one or two copies of the mutation will be clinically affected (3-5%), although it is possible they may pass the disease onto offspring.

For more information about Renal Dysplasia and the DNA test offered by DOGenes Inc visit:

The Clubs understand that this DNA test reports on the number of copies of the RD mutations present in the sample provided.

Unless specified as ‘a requirement’ by the KC and / or the Clubs, our advice to breeders/owners is – as with any/all DNA test(s) – the Club(s) recommend that, before proceeding, breeders / owners visit the website of the respective test provider (in this instance, where full information can usually be found as to how the test results will be reported and how to interpret them.


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