Mycobacterium Avium Infection (MAC) – DNA Test Results & Updates

MAC is a genetic immunodeficiency condition in Miniature Schnauzers that surfaced in America and Canada during the 1980’s.

The first clinical sign of MAC infection is lymph node enlargement. The bacterial infection affects the liver and spleen, resulting in liver and spleen enlargement. This presentation can easily be confused with lymphoma that also presents with generalized lymph node enlargement and may result in a misdiagnosis, unless a lymph node biopsy or aspirate is performed with an acid-fast stain to identify cellular changes characteristic of mycobacterial infection.

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UK Mac Test Result

MAC Results MASTER COPY 23rd Sept 2019

Latest Update

UK Miniature Schnauzer Clubs’ Mycobacterium Avium Complex July 2017

Frequently asked Q&As

MAC Q&As July 2017


Historical Information

MAC_Update 2012

Update on MAC May 2016

MAC Announcement June 2016


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