Judges List 2018

Show Miniatures Schnauzers Giants
Boston No Breed Classes No Breed Classes
Manchester  Mr G Robertson
SCGB  Mrs S Hattrell Mr E Yerusalimsky  Mr E Yerusalimsky
Mr D Kirkland – –  – –
W&P Breeds of Wales  – – – –
 Miss T Hayes  Mr R Oldham  No Breed Classes
Birmingham National   Mr W Browne-Cole  Mr H Ogden  Mr G Rual
SKC  Mr D Robbins  Mr A McDermott
Bath  Ms T Fletcher  Mr S Wareing
Southern Counties
Three Counties  Mrs E Kelly  Mr M Coccozza
Border Union  No Breed Classes No Breed Classes
Blackpool  Mrs D Spavin Mr D Kililea
East of England  Mr C Clay  Mrs H Hutchings-Brooks  No Breed Classe
National W&P  – – – –  Miss L Woods
Bournemouth  No Breed Classes
Welsh KC
SKC  Mrs J Hood  Mr T Mather
City of Birmingham
Driffield No Breed Classes
Belfast  No Breed Classes
South Wales  Mrs F Krall Mrs F Krall Mrs B Fletcher
GSC – – – –
Midland Counties  Mr H Ogden  Mr A Brace No Breed Classes
W&PB of Scotland – – – – No Breed Classes
NSC  Mr K Durso  Mrs P Kidd
BUBA No Breed Classes
LKA  Mr A McDermott No Breed Classes  Mrs F Krall

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