Give A Dog A Genome

Give a Dog a Genome is a new initiative launched by the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) in January 2016. The project will create the UK’s largest canine genome bank to help generations of dogs. This genome bank will improve dog health by radically increasing our understanding of the canine genome. The AHT aim to sequence the entire genomes (all 2.4 billion letters of DNA) of 50 different dog breeds by the end of 2016.

It costs around £2,000 to sequence the entire genome of an individual dog, and the AHT is fortunate enough to have received £50,000 from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT) for this purpose. Therefore, the AHT wrote inviting ALL BREEDS to get involved in this project to collectively match the KCCT funding by donating £1,000 towards sequencing the genome of an individual dog of each breed and thereby increase the number to 50 different dog breeds.

On advice from the AHT, the NSC, the SCGB, the GSC and backed by the GSHF, agreed to fully support and sponsor the ‘Give A Dog A Genome’ and put the Giant Schnauzer forward for genome sequencing. The cheque for £1,000 was presented to Cathryn Mellersh, AHT, at Crufts on 12th March 2016 ( see attachment ). All 4 sponsors are really pleased to be participating in this important project and wish the Research Team every success.

Please go to and click on the Give A Dog A Genome link for further detail and up to date information.

gDg presentation Crufts 2016

from l – r:  Norma Rylance, Michelle Humphreys (sec. GSC), Lesley Parker (treasurer GSHG), Bob Kelly (Chairman SCGB), Karen Fish, Chris Ellingworth (Chairman NSC).

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