Championship Show 2022

Saturday 15th October 2022
BIS Judge – Chris Clay
Schnauzer Judge – Tony McDermott
Miniature Schnauzer Judge – Kirsty Sanders
Giant Schnauzer Judge – Ann McDermott

Show Results

BIS: CH Andix Field Of Dreams 
RBIS: Adreana’s Bellini
BPIS: Wellingley Won For Mimi
BVIS: CH Philoma Pay Back Time For Barnsdale ShCM ShEX 

Left to right: BIS – CH Andix Field Of Dreams & RBIS – Adreana’s Bellini

Left to right: BVIS – CH Philoma Pay Back Time For Barnsdale ShCM ShEX & BPIS – CH Wellingley Won To Please ShCM


Judge: Chris Clay


BOB: Miccosukees Guess Who At Jalero

RBOB: Yared Alarm Beskyd (IMP CZE)

BPIB: Miccosukees Look At Me 

BVIB: CH Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM

DCC: Yared Alarm Beskyd

RDCC: CH Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM 

BPD: Miccosukees Look At Me

BCC: Miccosukees Guess Who At Jalero

RBCC: Taru Leebren Grand Calvera (IMP CZE)

BPB: Miccosukees Fast Love 

Judge: Tony McDermott

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st Miccosukees Look At Me

2nd Minnienoom Top Hat 

Puppy Dog (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st Miccosukees Apache

Junior Dog (Entries 6) Abs 2

1st Netti Greit Sean Connery (IMP)

2nd Miccosukees Maestro

3rd Minnienoom Navigator 

RES Withheld 

Post Graduate Dog (Entries 3) Abs 1

1st Minnienoom Ivor Gudun 

2nd Odivane My Boy 

Limit Dog (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st Elnajjar Dawn Walker 

Open Dog (Entries 5) Abs 1

1st Yared Alarm Beskyd (IMP CZE)

2nd Zodiac Leebren Grand Calvera (IMP)

3rd Odivane Master Class With Lefenix

RES Netti Greit Sean Connery (IMP)

Champion Dog (Entries 1) Abs 1

Veteran Dog (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st CH Kanate Gin Fizz ShCM 

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st Miccosukees Fast Love 

Puppy Bitch (Entries 1) Abs 1

1st Minnienoom Stop And Stare

Junior Bitch (Entries 4) Abs 1

1st Taru Leebren Grand Calvera (IMP)

2nd Schabaal Lady D’Arbanville 

3rd Lefenix Luck Would Have It 

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries 4) Abs 2

1st Lefenix Keep The Faith 

2nd Leebren Midnight Romance At Kathalan

Limit Bitch (Entries 5) Abs 2

1st Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin At Khanate

2nd Miccosukees In Cahoots With Kathalan 

3rd Lefenix In The Style 

Open Bitch (Entries 6) Abs 2

1st Miccosukees Guess Who At Jalero 

2nd Achnacarry Sams Girl 

3rd Boujan Hanky Panky

RES Maidluns Amazing Grace JW

Champion Bitch (Entries 0) Abs 0

Veteran Bitch (Entries 2) Abs 1

1st Achnacarry Quincys Girl

Special Black Dog/Bitch (Entries 4) Abs 0

1st Taru Leebren Grand Calvera (IMP)

2nd Zodiac Leebren Grand Calvera (IMP)

3rd Leebren Midnight Romance At Kathalan 

RES Miccosukees In Cahoots With Kathalan 


BOB: CH Andix Field Of Dreams 

RBOB: CH Amorevita Neris Of Fortune 

BPIB: Wellingley Won For Mimi

BVIB: CH Wellingley Won To Please ShCM 

DCC: CH Andix Field Of Dreams

RDCC: Lichstone Dream Ticket 

BPD: Glockens Let It Be 

BCC: CH Amorevita Neris Of Fortune

RBCC: Andix Hey Big Spender 

BPB: Wellingley Won For Mimi

Judge: Kirsty Sanders

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st Stornovar Rocketman 

2nd Jachsedcarr Silver Spurs At Wansbeck 

Puppy Dog (Entries 3) Abs 0

1st Glockens Let It Be 

2nd Marnica Its In The Bag At Brumist 

3rd Jachsedcarr Silver Spurs At Wansbeck 

Junior Dog (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st Nujax Super Trouper 

2nd Starbound What A Deer

Post Graduate Dog (Entries 2) Abs 1

1st Lyzahro White Here White Now 

Limit Dog (Entries 6) Abs 2

1st Lichstone Dream Ticket 

2nd Violis Wait N’See

3rd Deansgate Lester Square

RES Wellingley Won For The News At Onfleek 

Open Dog (Entries 3) Abs 1

1st Nujax Beam Me Up 

2nd Jackpot Tyras Akvamarinas (IMP)

Champion Dog (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st CH Andix Field Of Dreams 

2nd CH Penbro Man About Town

Veteran Dog (Entries 3) Abs 0

1st CH Wellingley Won To Please ShCM

2nd Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro 

3rd Saraswati Bonno Blue With Lyzahro (IMP) 

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries 5) Abs 1

1st Penbro Paint The Town Red With Oldbashurst 

2nd Penbro Talk Of The Town 

3rd Nikisan Tater O’Neal At Riveltofs

RES Glockens Lucy’s Sky Diamond 

Puppy Bitch (Entries 4) Abs 0

1st Wellingley Won For Mimi

2nd Nikisan Taters Gonna Tate 

3rd Mary Wells

RES Wallensis Soul To The Smiter 

Junior Bitch (Entries 10) Abs 1

1st Andix Hey Big Spender 

2nd Nujax Knowin Me Knowin You 

3rd Violis Struts Her Stuff JW 

RES Barrontoft Bijou Bea 

VHC Glockens Krypotonite

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries 9) Abs 4

1st Amorevita Persephone

2nd Wellingley Way Ahead 

3rd Kristec One In A Million 

RES Stokinpaws Atmospheric

VHC Violaceous Meredith Grey 

Limit Bitch (Entries 6) Abs 2

1st Traphen Ricochet

2nd Dayporium Magic Over Violis 

3rd Stornovar One Vision 

RES Kristec Suspicious Minds At Engalah 

Open Bitch (Entries 7) Abs 1

1st Gryselda Oh What A Night 

2nd Schnaustar Hunky Dory 

3rd Pendro Got You Talking 

RES Oldbashurst Easter Time 

VHC Secret Of Love Garrosh With Kristec 

Champion Bitch (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st CH Amorevita Neris Of Fortune 

2nd CH Penbro Blinder 

Veteran Bitch (Entries 0) Abs 0

Special Black & Silver Dog Or Bitch (Entries 3) Abs 0

1st Schnaustar Panda Cub 

2nd Jachsedcarr Silver Spurs At Wansbeck 

3rd Wallensis Soul To The Smiter

Special Black Dog Or Bitch (Entries 3) Abs 1

1st Bloomingstar Dancing Girl 

2nd Withdrawn 

Special White Dog Or Bitch (Entries 4) Abs 0

1st Lyzahro White Here White Now 

2nd Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro 

3rd Saraswati Bonno Blue With Lyzahro

RES Lyzahro Mostly Harmless 


BOB: Adreana’s Bellini

RBOB: CH Philoma One Night Only 

BPIB: Eskaidee Fleurtini

BVIB: CH Philoma Pay Back Time For Barnsdale ShCM ShEX

DCC: CH Philoma One Night Only 

RDCC: Tribune Vom Schloss Ehrenberg At Lourane

BPD: No Entries 

BCC: Adreana’s Bellini

RBCC: Philoma Socorro

BPB: Eskaidee Fleurtini

Judge: Ann McDermott

Minor Puppy Dog (Entries 0) Abs 0

Puppy Dog (Entries 0) Abs 0

Junior Dog (Entries 3) Abs 1

1st Philoma Musicman

2nd Adacolm Leningrad 

Post Graduate Dog (Entries 0) Abs 0

Limit Dog (Entries 3) Abs 0

1st Tribune Vom Schloss Ehrenberg At Lourane

2nd Dasval Little Big Man 

3rd Gloris Rafael Draxpark (IMP)

Open Dog (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st CH Draxpark Fantasticus

Champion Dog (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st CH Philoma One Night Only 

Veteran Dog (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st CH Philoma Pay Back Time For Barnsdale ShCM ShEX

2nd CH Philoma Man After Midnight 

Minor Puppy Bitch (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st Eskaidee Fleurtini

Puppy Bitch (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st Minnienoom Ram Ling Rose 

Junior Bitch (Entries 3) Abs 0

1st Adreana’s Bellini

2nd  Philoma Socorro

3rd Adacolm Russia With Love 

Post Graduate Bitch (Entries 0) Abs 0

Limit Bitch (Entries 3) Abs 0

1st Echodream Going South To Philoma 

2nd Draxpark Dramaticus

3rd Silbertraum Ice Maiden 

Open Bitch (Entries 1) Abs 1

Champion Bitch (Entries 2) Abs 0

1st CH Philoma American In Paris 

2nd CH Philoma Leading Lady 

Veteran Bitch (Entries 2) Abs 1

1st CH Eskaidee Katinka 

Special Pepper & Salt Dog Or Bitch (Entries 1) Abs 0

1st Silbertraum Ice Maiden 



My thanks to the Northern Schnauzer Club for giving me the opportunity to judge BIS at their recent Ch Show.  This was my first such appointment. As always the committee were very accommodating and friendly, I thoroughly enjoyed. I found that the exhibits put forward for BIS, Best Veteran were of a very high standard and also my Best Puppy.

Best in Show

Mrs & Miss A & L Dixon’s Ch Andix Field of Dreams

Excellent head, correct planes and strong muzzle, dark oval eye. Neck blending well into shoulders and giving a smooth transition. Back slightly sloped, something that is missing on a number of dogs, chest broad and a visible breastbone, nicely ribbed. Well developed hindquarters allowing the dog to move with vigour. Excellent coat, in top condition and groomed to perfection. At one with his owner.

Res Best in Show

Mr & Mrs A & A Price & Lowood-Price’s Adreana’s Bellini

Strong head, square in shape with a powerful muzzle of equal length, neat v-shaped ears. Good front with extending breast bone, straight back with sufficient slope. I liked the shape of the hindquarters, good vertical lines. Excellent in profile when standing and on the move. Well set tail, well balanced.

Best Puppy

Mrs E Longdin’s  Wellingly Won for Mimi

Yet another winner from the Wellingly stable. Head nice and square, dark eye and neat v-shaped ears, correct scissor bite. Forelegs straight from front and in profile, elbows close to the chest, nicely ribbed, hindquarters strong and muscled short hocks. Movement was well balanced with good reach. A perfect showgirl

Best Veteran

Mr, Mrs & Miss Houchin’s Ch Philoma Pay Back Time for Barnsdale ShCM ShEX

An excellent example of the breed and worthy of being best veteran today. Head strong, well proportioned, correct planes, dark eye, neat ears. Good neck, slightly arched, flowing into the shoulders, body square in profile, good croup tail set on and carried correctly. Hindquarters well muscled and vertical planes excellent. Moved with plenty of drive and determination.


My thanks to the Club for the honour of judging their Championship Show and for their welcome and hospitality. My thanks also to my stewards who kept the ring flowing smoothly. A really nice entry (42 less 12 ab) of the original size. Overall, I found the breed to be in a good position though, as with our other two sizes, ‘height at withers’ – clearly defined in Breed Standard (BS) – and movement possibly deserve attention from all involved with the ‘family’. On movement, my notes described most as ‘OK’ unless commented. All P/S unless stated. I wasn’t looking for a big, elegant, version of a Mini, nor a smaller version of a Giant. My principle winners were close to what I think the BS calls for. A medium sized, sturdily-built, nearly square Schnauzer.

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog

1st & BP Lockyer’s Miccosukees Look At Me. So I did! 7-mth nicely balanced, good size for age and of correct proportions. Nice head, ears, neck flows into well laid shoulders. Moved OK for a youngster.

2nd Ray’s 7-mth old, Minnienoom Top Hat, larger & more rangy than 1. Strong head, reachy neck. Also moved OK.

Class 2 Puppy Dog 

1st Lockyer’s Miccosukees Apache, still a bit raw at 10-mths. Nicely balanced but needs to mature to fit his picture. Hopefully front movement will tighten.

Class 3 Junior Dog 

Difficult class with much to like about the first two, quite different, males. Not the greatest moving class today.

1st Jennings’ Netti Greit Sean Connery (Imp Rus) 17-mth of correct proportions and nicely balanced, yet probably at the lower end of the BS size. Good head neck & ears, good shoulders and short back, Correct tail set and the harshest of coats – presenting a challenge for leg hair!

2nd Lockyer’s Miccosukees Maestro, 15-mth old, bigger made, but giving nice proportions, who also moved OK.

3rd Toms & Daws’ Minnienoom Navigator

Class 4 Post Graduate Dog

1st Ray’s Minnienoom Ivor Gudun, 2-yr old nicely balanced male. Strong head, enough neck to balance square body. Deep chest. Moved OK.

2nd Scholes, Odivane My Boy, also 2-yrs but smaller made but of nice proportions. Shoulders could be better laid. Not moving as cleanly as 1.

Class 5 Limit Dog

1st Dixon’s Elnajjar Dawn Walker 3-yr old lovely balanced male of nice proportions. Good head, nice neck, good shoulders, square body with good tail set. Moved well coming and going and just lost out to RCC in the challenge on ‘attitude’.

Class 6 Open Dog 

1st McKechnie’s Yared Alarm Beskyd (Imp CZE) 2-yr old. Striking dog who shouts ‘schnauzer’, presenting a really appealing picture in profile. Wouldn’t want his head to be any stronger but good mouth, eyes & ears. Proportionate length of neck flows into well laid shoulders. Firm topline, good depth of chest with forechest. DCC & RBOB

2nd Lewington’s Zodiac Leebren Grand Calvera (Imp CZE) 4-yr old Blk. Another lovely size and shape with many attributes of 1. Good back movement but wider at front. 

3rd Railton’s Odivane Master Class with Lefenix

Class 8 Veteran Dog 

1st Bawden & Brown’s Ch Khanate Ginn Fizz ShCM, 10-yr old who edged the RCC on movement. Nicely balanced dog of good proportion. Would prefer a tighter, nicer ear which would improve overall picture but a worthy ch. BVIB

Class 9 Minor Puppy Bitch 

1st Lockyer’s Miccosukees Fast Love 8-mth showing promise but more than a little overawed on the day. Nice head and ears. Correct shoulder placement but movement was difficult to evaluate.

Class 10 Puppy Bitch 

1st Ray’s Minnienoom Stop and Stare 10-mths Another promising pup who will improve with more ring experience. Nice head & ears, good neck into shoulders but slightly long cast on the day though may fill out with time.

Class 11 Junior Bitch 

Two nice Blks, both of good size and pleasing proportions.

1st & RCC Lewington’s Taru Leebren Grand Calvera (Imp) 17-mths Good head and ears, nice neck into well laid shoulders. Good strong body with correct tail set. Moved well.

2nd Brixey’s Schabaal Lady D’Arbanville 16-mth similar to 1 but slightly larger framed girl. Also moved well. Should mature nicely.

3rd Railton’s Lefenix Luck Would Have It

Class 12 Post Graduate Bitch

1st Railton’s Lefenix Keep The Faith 2-yr old very happy bitch but in need of more substance overall to develop her attractive attributes. Won the class on movement coming and going 

2nd Walker’s Leebren Midnight Romance at Kathalan 3-yr old Blk with good head and long neck which is in proportion to her body. Front movement OK but rear could be cleaner. She can do it – as she proved in the Special Blk class!

Class 13 Limit Bitch 

1st Bawden & Brown’s Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin at Khanate 21 mths. Presents a very attractive picture, all in proportion. Head carried well on long neck flowing into body. Moved well coming and going but today looked as is she needed more substance to shout ‘Schnauzer’ 

2nd Walker’s Miccosukees in Cahoots with Kathalan 2-yr old Blk Good shape, nice head, nice proportions. Movement could be better.

3rd Stacey’s Lefenix In Style

Class 14 Open Bitch

1st BCC & BoB Watson’s Miccosukee Guess Who At Jalero 4-yr old mature, beautifully balanced Schnauzer. Good head and expression. Neck flows into correctly placed shoulders. Firm, short back with correct tail set. Moved well coming and going. Eventually carried her tail to give an ideal picture and took BoB over the Dog on overall movement

2nd Connell’s Achnacarry Sams Girl another 4-yr old and equally mature specimen who I’ve admired previously. Good head, neck and shoulders. Slightly longer in biody than 1 but still of pleasing proportions. Clean mover and well presented

3rd Atkinson’s Boujan Hanky Panky

Class 16 Veteran Bitch 

1st Connell’s Achnacarry Quincys Girl 7-yr in great condition Typical head, good ears, neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Moved cleanly coming and going.

Class 17 Special Black Dog/Bitch

See previous critiques above 

1st Lewington’s Taru Leebren Grand Calvera (Imp)

2nd Lewington’s Zodiac Leebren Grand Calvera (Imp CZE) 



Thank you so much to the Northern Schnauzer Club for inviting me to judge
Miniature Schnauzers and for the exhibitors for a fabulous entry. I really am
Having owned and shown the breed for many years, I can say that I had a very
clear image of what I was looking for. I like to think that my winners were
representative of that vision.
Overall, I found more quality in the males, with tough decisions in many of the
classes, splitting hairs to find my winner.
As a general rule, the breed is in fairly good shape.
I found that heads and rear’s have improved in recent times.
I saw very few fat, cheeky heads, which were all too common historically.
I was impressed, with the most part, that the fashion for overly long second
thighs seems to have been replaced with more moderate hindquarters and
movement going away looked much stronger because of this.
Shoulders are still very much a concern though. As I ran my hands down the
neck into the shoulder, I found that many lacked the smooth shoulder transition
I was looking for. This can (and often did) affect movement, meaning, that many
dogs that were very pretty when stacked, fell apart on the move, resulting in a
lower placing.
Class 35 Minor Puppy Dog
1st J Boyle Stornover Rocketman
Small, smart 7 month puppy. Pleasing head with correct planes, flat cheeks and
good earset. Plenty of forechest due to the good length of upper arm, although
scapula’s set slightly higher. Short in body with a strong topline and moderate
rear. Moved well in all directions. Coat coming.
2nd MA & E Brown Jachsedcarr Silver Spurs At Wansbeck
First show for this 9 month B/S puppy. A little apprehensive, I do hope his
confidence will improve with more experience. A larger, heavier type, with good
bone and substance, just not quite the finesse of 1.
Class 36 Puppy Dog
This was a tough class to judge, with two very nice young males of equal quality,
but very different in type.
1st W Bell Glockens Let It Be
BPD. Very smart P/S. Good head with level planes, dark eye and neat ears.
Really good clean shoulders, with correct angles, producing ample reach of neck
and a firm topline. Balanced rear. Super coat and finishing. Did enough to show
good movement in the class. Considered for the green cards, but performance
(particularly when moving) will need to be improved to really challenge the big
2nd M & G Wise Marnica It’s In The Bag At Brumist
Another smart P/S, shorter and cobbier in type to 1. Very balanced throughout
and a more consistent mover than 1. Just presented a little heavy today, giving
the winner a cleaner look and longer neck. I have no doubt that these two will
swap places.
Class 37 Junior Dog
1st J & A Manser and A & S Lowton-Humphries
Nujax Super Trouper
Impressive P/S that demands you take notice. Exceptional head which
ultimately won him this class. Smooth shoulders, with flat scapula’s and super
tight elbows. Good length of upper arm, resulting in correct forechest. Short
coupled, with a good reach of neck and a firm topline. Balanced angles front
and rear. Pushed hard for one of the green cards.
2nd J Hood Starbound What A Deer
Another smart dog that catches the eye. Pushed one hard and I literally had to
split hairs to find my winner. Ever so slightly heavier in front, with good
forechest and balanced with exceptional rear angles, resulting in a sound mover.
Firm topline and great show presence.
Class 38 Post Graduate Dog
1st L Mellor Lyzahro White Here White Now
I always find judging white’s really difficult, they are so different in type. A
moderate dog with good substance. Heavier in head and a lighter eye than what
you might find in the other colours. Fairly balanced, although could maybe
benefit from slightly more angle in the rear assembly.
Class 39 Limit Dog
1st S Hooker Lichstone Dream Ticket
Res CC. Head of good length with correct planes and dark eye. I really like this
dog’s smooth shoulders, with flat scapula’s set back and good correct length of
upper arm. He has a good reach of neck and firm topline, with a balanced rear.
He moves well and is sound from any angle.
2nd L Parker & J McDonald Violis Wait N’See
Another smart dog, pushing 1 hard. He is fairly balanced in front and rear,
meaning that he moves well from all directions. A clean masculine head of good
length. A short compact type that really fills the eye, he just didn’t quite have
the neckline of one today.
Class 40 Open Dog
1st A & S Lowton-Humphries and J & A Manser
Nujax Beam Me Up
I’ve always liked this dog, he is so impressive. Masculine head which is clean
and correct with a super dark eye. He’s pretty balanced in front and rear. I like
his upper arm and super tight elbow. I like his turn of stifle and sound rear
movement. He was a little erratic on the move in the challenge, which ultimately
cost him.
2nd E Descere Jackpot Tyras Akvamarinas
Moderate dog which looks somewhat plain at first glance, particularly when
compared to the winner, but put your hands on this dog and he is so balanced.
If I had a wish list, I’d like slightly more angle in front and rear. But, sound
nonetheless. Moved well.
Class 41 Champion Dog
1st A & L Dixon Ch Andix Field Of Dreams
CC, BOB & BIS. Now this is what I’m talking about! I had a vision of the type I
wanted to find and this dog pretty much ticked all the boxes. He screams
schnauzer and oozes quality. He has the shoulder placement I desired, smooth
without any lumps as I ran my hands down his front and neck. He has the rear
angulation that is in perfect harmony with the front. Nothing detracts or faulters
as he moves around the ring, giving a sidegait that’s effortless. He has the rib
and substance. This dog isn’t extreme, he’s just very correct. I loved him.
2nd R & L Woods Ch Penbro Man About Town
Another quality dog of a completely different type. He is slightly more extreme
in type, with a higher wither and a longer second thigh. This produces a very
expressive sidegait. He is striking and make’s a pretty picture. He was a little
wayward moving up and back today, which ultimately cost him a further award.
A true showman.
Class 42 Veteran Dog
Isn’t it great to see the oldies still strutting their stuff, even at 10, 11, 12 years
old. I take my hat off to the exhibitors for keeping these elderly gentlemen in
such great condition and coat.
1st J Dursley Ch Wellingley Won To Please
BVD, BVIB. 11½ year old. Fantastic for his age and still loving being a show dog.
No one told him that he’s meant to slow down. Honest type, with great
substance and reasonably balanced. He was clearly a heartbreaker in his youth.
2nd L Mellor Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro
Another golden oldie at 10½. He was openly enjoying his day out and almost
had a big smile on his face. Great substance and rib.
Class 43 Minor Puppy Bitch
A very nice class where places could easily swap on another day.
1st WCR Carver & L Woods Penbro Paint The Town Red With Oldbashurst
Difficult to choose between this puppy and her sister in 2nd place. Each brings
different attributes to the ring. This puppy has a slightly better front assembly
and is more balanced in the rear, but at this stage is slightly wobbly in her action,
which I expect to tighten as she matures.
2nd R & L Woods Penbro Talk Of The Town
This sister has a slightly higher wither and a longer 2nd thigh, giving a very
expressive side gait. She is more unwavering in her movement though,
particularly on the up and back. Honestly, it could swing either way.
Class 44 Puppy Bitch
1st E Longdin Wellingley Won For Mimi
BPB, BPIB, BPIS A very promising puppy that shouts ‘quality’. There is a lot to
like; from a clean head, to an arched neck, into a smooth shoulder transition and
bang on topline. She had the strongest rear in this class, particularly when
moving away, which ultimately made my decision for my winner.
2nd S Graham Nikisan Taters Gonna Tate
This puppy makes a very pretty picture. She is ever so slightly higher in her
wither than 1, with a good length of upper arm, giving a good forechest. This is
offset with a perfectly matched rear. Needs to tighten in her movement, which
I’ve no doubt will happen as she matures.
Class 45 Junior Bitch
This was a particularly strong class and I had a real challenge to choose. The first
five were all good representatives of the breed. Great news for the future.
1st A & L Dixon Andix Hey Big Spender
Res CC. What a joy to judge. Exactly the balance that I was looking for. Beautiful
head and expression. Exquisite shoulders and a strong rear. Effortless
movement because all is in harmony. Beautifully presented in a crisp coat.
2nd A & S Lowton-Humphries and J & A Manser
Nujax Knowin Me Knowin You
Another impressive youngster. Slightly heavier in type, due to being slightly
shorter in body. Great rib and super in her rear, with very strong action moving
away. In fact, sound from all directions. Coat coming. Very promising.
Class 46 Post Graduate Bitch
A very mixed class for type.
1st E Descere Amorevita Persephone
Plainer in type when compared to the 2nd place, but very balanced and very
sound, which ultimately won her this class.
2nd K Davidson Wellingley Way Ahead
This bitch makes a very pretty picture and is beautifully presented. She has a
lovely head and expression, good rib and a strong rear. She just needs a little
more strength in her front, to balance her movement on the up and back. Lovely
Class 47 Limit Bitch
1st T Searson Traphen Ricochet
Upstanding bitch and very honest in type. She really is very correct, with an
exceptional front and rear. In great condition and a super mover, particularly
2nd L Parker & J McDonald Dayporium Magic Charm Over Violis
Very similar in type to 1. Upstanding, honest and correct. Difficult to choose
between the two. 1 took the edge in rear action to take the class. But it was
Class 48 Open Bitch
1st J Dawson Gryselda Oh What A Night
I liked this girl’s type, she presents a pleasing picture, as she is pretty balanced,
with moderate angles front and rear. She excelled in her head to win this class
and was stronger in movement than the others.
2nd D White Schnaustar Hunky Dory
Short cobby type that was presented in perfect coat. Not quite the head of 1 or
as robust on the up and back. But maintained her smart shape whilst moving
around the ring to take 2nd.
Class 49 Champion Bitch
1st E Descere Ch Amorevita Neris Of Fortune
CC, BOS, Res BOB I have been itching to place my hands on this girl and was
absolutely thrilled to find that she was entered under me. She presents such a
stunning outline. I can almost see the smooth shoulder transition before I’ve
even touched her. I was doubly thrilled to find that what you see, is what you
get. Exquisite head, super neck, with the smoothest of shoulders, firm topline
and great rear angulation. All presented in a super harsh black package. Moved
true and a dream to judge.
2nd R & L Woods Ch Penbro Blinder
Another lovely bitch that pushed 1 hard for 1st place. Smaller in type and a lot
to like. Super head, great angles front and rear. Firm topline with a bang on
tailset. Moved well in all directions and presented in a good coat.
Class 50 Veteran Bitch
No Entries
Class 51 Special Black & Silver Dog or Bitch
1st D White Schnaustar Panda Cub
Honest type showing her quality in the class. Robust with fairly balance angles,
good length of head, great earset and a keen dark eye.
2nd MA & E Brown Jachsedcarr Silver Spurs At Wansbeck
A valiant effort, as still a little unsure in this class. Please see write up in puppy
dog class.
Class 52 Special Black Dog or Bitch
1st E Krieger Bloomingstar Dancing Girl
Pleasing in type, but requires a little more weight to really finish the picture.
Hopefully this will improve with time, as I was informed that she was recovering
from a tummy upset.
Class 53 Special White Dog Or Bitch
Please see previous critique from above.
1st L Mellor Lyzahro White Here White Now
2nd L Mellor Beanara Njals Saga At Lyzahro


My first appointment with tickets for Giants was at the Northern Schnauzer Club ch show and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. There was a lovely atmosphere throughout and I found all the exhibits presented in good order and with steady temperaments.

Class 20 Junior Dog

1st Cullen’s Philoma Musicman 16-mth old, all male. Lovely head and expression, good ears. Good sweep of neck into shoulders’ parallel front legs and feet pointing forward. Strong body with good depth for age – could be a little broader in chest. Nice tail set. Well balanced throughout. Moved positively from all angles.

Class 22 Limit Dog

1st Lunt’s Tribune Vom Schloss Ehrenberg at Lourane. Very nice head & expression. Good front. Nice length of neck into good shoulders. Strong & well proportioned in body. Strong backend with good curve of stifle. Moved positively coming & going and kept a firm topline. Very pleasing picture of balance & strength but he does nothing to show off his attributes, so well done to his handler. RCC

2nd Ellis’ Dasval Little Big Man. Good head planes, ears a little big. Front appeared a little wide across the chest; could be trimming which would also cause him to look a little out at elbow. Reasonable neck into good shoulders. Solid body, longer cast than 1. Firm backend & nice tail. Moved OK.

3rd Parker’s Gloris Rafael Draxpark.

Class 23 Open Dog

1st Parker’s Ch Draxpark Fantasticus. A very strong 3-yr old who does not give his handler an easy time. Head nicely proportioned to the body, A little too broad across the chest for me but nice parallel front legs & tidy elbows. Not surprisingly, he has forechest. Lovely neck into shoulders. Very solid body of good proportions. Nice angles and very well muscled rear end. Moved with enthusiasm and soundness. He presents a balanced picture but a little too much of him all round for me.

Class 24 Champion Dog

1st Cullen’s Ch Philoma One Night Only. Lovely 2-yr old with very nice head proportions, dark expressive eyes and nice ears. Parallel front and well placed feet. Good sweep of neck into nicely laid shoulders. Body of good depth & length, finishing in a firm, well angled rear and nice tail set. Moved well in all directions. He presents a well balanced picture. Pleased to award him DCC

Class 25 Veteran Dog

1st Houchin’s Ch Philoma Pay Back Time For Barnsdale ShCM ShEX, 8-yr old boy in superb condition. Head is a little overdone for me and nose a little long. Nice front, lovely sweep of neck into well placed shoulders. Deep body, as you would expect from a mature male, lovely proportions. Good firm backendand well set tail. Moved with vigour and held his topline betterthan 2. BVIB

2nd Veal’s Ch Philoma Man After Midnight. 7-yrs old and another in excellent coat and condition for his age. A smaller made dog with, for me, a head of better proportions. Good front but sweep of neck into shoulders not so good as 1. Nicely proportioned body with firm backend. Moved positively but lost topline a little on the move. Both dogs are a credit to their owners.

Class 26 Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Foster’s Eskaidee Fleutini. 6½-mth old girl who has a lovely head with a sweet expression and nice sized ears. Good parallel front with forward facing feet and forechest. Nice body for her age and nicely proportioned. She has a firm, strong backend and moved very well. She’s a promising girl and I’m sure the owner will have fun with her. I was delighted to award her BP.

Class 27 Puppy Bitch

1st Ray’s Minninoom Ram Ling rose. 10-mth old P/S. Still quite raw, nice head with dark mask. Good front, parallel legs. Nice neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest for her age, a little long in body. Nice, firm backend. Moves OK but loses topline a little, although this should firm up as she matures.

Class 28 Junior Bitch

1st Price & Lowood-Price’s Adreana’s Bellini. What a lovely balanced 17-mth old bitch. Lovely head and expression. Good parallel front, lovely neck into well laid shoulders. Very firm, mature body for her age. Finished with strong rear with good curve of stifle and parallel hocks. Moved extremely well with positivity and drive. She really did do everything her handler asked and reaped the rewards. I was delighted to award her BCC and BoB; she went on to RBiS. This young lady has a very bright future..

2nd Thomas’ Philoma Socorro. Another lovely bitch but felt her narrower than 1 and longer in the body. Attractive head, lovely neck into shoulders. Nice body and good, firm backend. Moved well in all directions. RBCC

3rd Malcolm’s Adacolm Russia With Love.

Class 30 Limit Bitch

1st all three bitches in this class have good forechest – a little lacking generally) 1 Griffin & Cullen’s Echodream Going South to Philoma. Nice head & ears. Good parallel front. Nice width of chest, good sweep of neck into well placed shoulders. Reasonable body if a little long for complete balance, Nice backend and moved well.

2nd Parker’s Draxpark Dramaticus. Another strong Giant, sister of the Open Dog winner and sharing a lot of his attributes. Again, a little strong for me. Moved very positively.

3rd Rotherforth’s Silbertraum Ice Maiden.

Class 32 Champion Bitch

1st Veal’s Ch  Philoma American in Paris. Lovely bitch with a very feminine head. Presents a very nice picture standing although a touch longer in body than 2, for me, truer on the move.

2nd Cullen’s Ch Philoma Leading lady. Another eye catching bitch with equally feminine head & small ears. She has a little more substance than 1 and is shorter in body, but not the neck into shoulders or her positive movement.

Class Veteran Bitch

1st Foster’s Ch Eskaidee Katinka. 8-yr old girl enjoying her day. Quite solid but with lots of quality. Head a little strong for me and bigger ears. Good front, strong rear. Moved true and with vigour. A credit to her owner.

Class 34 Special Pepper & Salt Dog/Bitch

1st Rotherforth’s S. Ice Maiden. P/S girl with very attractive head & expression. She has a nice parallel front with forechest. Good neck into shoulders and deep body. A little long for balance but good firm rear. Super P/S coat and colour, clear and bright. A very calm girl; well handled.



Left to right: BOB- Miccosukees Guess Who At Jalero & RBOB- Yared Alarm Beskyd (IMP)

Left to right: BVIB- CH Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM & BPIB- Miccosukees Look At Me

Left to right: BD- Yared Alarm Beskyd (IMP), RBD/BVD- CH Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM & BPD- Miccosukees Look At Me

Left to right: BB- Miccosukees Guess Who At Jalero & RBB- Taru Leebren Grand Calvera (IMP)

Left to right: BVB- Achnacarry Quincys Girl & BPB- Miccosukees Fast Love


Miniature Schnauzers

Left to right: BOB-CH Andix Field Of Dreams & RES BOB CH Amorevita Neris Of Fortune

Left to right: BVIB-CH Wellingley Won To Please ShCM & BPIB-Wellingley Won For Mimi

Left to right: BD- CH Andix Field Of Dreams & RBD- Lichstone Dream Ticket

Left to right: BVD- CH Wellingley Won To Please ShCM & BPD- Glockens Let It Be

Left to right: BB- CH Amorevita Neris Of Fortune & RBB- Andix Hey Big Spender

BPB- Wellingley Won For Mimi


Giant Schnauzers

Left to right: BOB- Adreana’s Bellini & RBOB- CH Philoma One Night Only

Left to right: BVIB- CH Philoma Pay Back Time For Barnsdale ShCM ShEX & BPIB- Eskaidee Fleurtini

Left to right: BD- CH Philoma One Night Only & RBD- Tribune Vom Schloss Ehrenberg At Lourane

BVD- CH Philoma Pay Back Time For Barnsdale ShCM ShEX

Left to right: BB- Adreana’s Bellini & RBB- Philoma Socorro

Left to right: BVB- CH Eskaidee Katinka & BPB- Eskaidee Fleurtini

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