Northern Schnauzer Club

Championship Show 2021


BIS:               Mrs Karen Bradbury-Hall

Schnauzers:  Mr Chris Clay

Miniatures:   Mrs Elspeth Kelly

Giants:          Mrs Janet Callow



Show Results

BEST IN SHOW:                               DRAXPARK HOT TIP – Giant Schnauzer


BEST PUPPY IN SHOW:                  DENEENS FRONT RUNNER – Miniature Schnauzer





BOB:                 Ch Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers        

RBOB:              Nichi Stradivarius at Miccosukees (Imp)

BP:                   Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin

BV:                   Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ScCM


DOG CC:        Ch Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers  

RDCC:           Nichi Stradivarius at Miccosukees (Imp)

BPD:             Leebren Midnight Star Maker  

BVD:             Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ScCM

BITCH CC:     Serenade Alarm Beskyd to Dulejoes (Imp)

RBCC:           Odivane Sister Act

BPB:             Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin

BVB:             Ch Jalero Miss Iowher



BOB:            Ch Penbro Man About Town

 RBOB:        Jackpot Tyras Akvamarins (Imp)  

BP:                Deneens Front Runner

BV:               Nikisan Sir Mix A Lot

DOG CC:       Ch Penbro Man About Town

RDCC:           Jackpot Tyras Akvamarins (Imp)

BPD:             Deneens Front Runner

BVD:             Nikisan Sir Mix A Lot

BITCH CC:     Ritzbeech Time To Lead

RBCC:           Amorevita Neris of Fortune

BPB:             Penbro Blinder            



BOB:         Draxpark Hot Tip      

RBOB:       Philoma One Night Only    

BP:            Echodream Going South to Philoma      

BV:            Debutants vom Schloss Ehrenberg mit Dasselbe ShCM VW (Imp)    

DOG CC:     Draxpark Hot Tip    

RDCC:         Philoma One Night Only    

BPD:           Arnost Vancouver Havana Ice Day at Figosky (Imp) (naf) (taf) 

BVD:           Ch Draxpark Black Jack

BITCH CC:    Ch Philoma Leading Lady

RBCC:           Draxpark Dramaticus

BPB:             Echodream Going South to Philoma    

BVB:             Debutants vom Schloss Ehrenberg mit Dasselbe ShCM VW (Imp)  



BIS CRITIQUE - Mrs Karen Bradbury-Hall

I would like to thank the Northern Schnauzer Club for the honour of judging Best In Show. It was wonderful to see the dogs back in the show ring after the difficult times we have all been through.

BIS:    Brown & Tunnicliffe’s Giant Schnauzer, Draxpark Hot Tip.

An upstanding, mature male with an excellent head and expression so typical of the breed. Good layback of shoulder with visible forechest which does not disappoint. Strong bone, with width and depth throughout and well sprung ribs. Balanced angulation front and rear. Topline strong, level and held firm when moving. He moved with true driving action viewed from all directions. Harsh black jacket and furnishings presented in great condition. I was delighted to award him BIS.

RBIS:  Moore’s Schnauzer, CH Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers.

A handsome male with an excellent p/s coat with correct banding. Masculine head of balanced proportions set on arched neck. Depth at elbow with pleasing tuck up. Strong level topline which held on the move. Correct tail set with strong hindquarters. Fluid driving movement covering the ground with ease. Very well presented with a typical schnauzer attitude.

BPIS:    Reeve’s Miniature Schnauzer, Deneens Front Runner.

Loved this stunning puppy, so balanced and with a great attitude. Excellent masculine head in all areas with typical expression. Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulder. He has depth throughout his body with correct spring of rib, forechest and strong loin. Correct, balanced angulation with true movement front and rear. Presented with an excellent p/s coat with harsh jacket. Great strength of body combined with elegance. Delighted to award him BPIS

BVIS:   Bawden & Brown’s Schnauzer Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM.

9 years p/s well balanced male with correct head, flat cheeks, parallel planes, and dark expressive eye. Strong front and topline with good spring of rib and strong, short loin. Balanced with nothing overdone. Shown in a great harsh jacket with texture in furnishings.  Moved freely with purpose and drive to win BVIS

 Judge: Mrs Karen Bradbury-Hall


Minor Puppy Dog: (2). 1. Lewington’s   Leebren Midnight Star Maker. Good head, strong and moderately broad between the ears, medium dark eyes. Chest deep with a visible breast bone. Tail set on and well carried, excellent black coat. Would have liked better movement. BPD. 2. Ray’s Minnienoom Mr Fix It. Length of head well-proportioned but did not have the depth of chest of 1 and a little longer in the body. Moved with drive around the ring.

Junior Dog: (4. 1abs). 1. McKechnie’s  Yared Alarm Beskyd (Imp). Beautiful outline and an excellent hard jacket. Head of good length, powerful muzzle and dark eye. Well bodied, nice, and deep, good hindquarters which accounted for the drive around the ring.   2. Lockyer’s   Miccosukees Secret Formula. Not on his toes which affected his performance. Lovely head neck and shoulders, good chest nice and deep, tail set on and carried high.  3. Scholes’   Odivane My Boy

Post Graduate Dog: (3).  1. Bullock’s   Ouseview Hot Fuzz. Head powerful and expressive, eyes dark and neat ears. Shoulders good and legs straight, elbows close to body allowing for a deep chest. Could have been a little shorter in the body. Harsh wiry coat and good hindquarters thus giving a free balanced movement. 2.  Dixon’s Elnajjar Dawn Walker. Good head, eye and correct ears. Nice neck and short well-developed loins. Lost out on the move.

Limit Dog: (2). 1. Lockyer’s Nichi Stradivarius at Miccosukees (Imp). Beautiful shaped dog. Lovely expressive head, dark oval eyes. Strong neck leading to strong shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed. Correct hindquarters and well-set tail moved well. Excellent coat in great condition. Res DCC & RBOB  2. Fish & Moss’   Invidia Dios Signore Dulejoes (Imp). Head strong, well-set ears and neck moderately long. Shoulders could have been better, deep chest and a good spring of rib. Would have liked a better bend of stifle and better movement.

Open Dog: (3). 1. Moore’s   Ch Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers.  Great head, neck, and shoulders. Forelegs straight and good bone, elbows close to body. Good depth of chest, back strong and straight, short loins. Hindquarters strongly muscled which accounted for the best mover of the day. DCC, BOB & RBIS. 2. Lewington’s Zodiac Leebren Grand Calvera. Nice head and neck, chest deep and strong breastbone, good spring of rib. Excellent hindquarters and tailset. Moved well. 3. Railton’s   Odivane Master Class with Lefenix.

Veteran Dog: (2). 1. Bawden & Brown’s   Ch Khanate Gin Fizz Sh CM. Lovely outline, great head, and eye. Well developed chest, moderately deep, excellent topline. Good on the move. BVD, BVIB & BVIS. 2. Fletcher’s   Fivepits the Mole. Head strong and moderately broad between the ears. Good depth of chest but a little longer in the body than 1. Not the movement of 1.

Minor Puppy Bitch: (2). 1.Tether’s Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin. Lovely 9-month-old baby, head strong with a powerful muzzle and a dark eye. Neck of good length flowing into good shoulders. Deep chest with visible chest bone. Excellent hindquarters which gave rise to correct movement and plenty of drive. BPB & BPIB.       2. Ray’s Minnienoom My Fair Lady. A very raw 6-month-old. She did not enjoy her day out but her time will come

Puppy Bitch: (2) 1. Railton’s Lefenix Keep the Faith. Lovely outline, sturdily built, excellent coat. Strong neck going into well laid shoulders. Strong hindquarters leading to good movement. 2. Bradshaw’s Kaitetiteri Hijinx. Very shy young girl but will improve as she gets older. Good visible chest and depth of chest.

Junior Bitch: (3). 1. Fletcher’s Fivepits the Companion Set. Head strong with neat ears, shoulders flat and well laid. Level back with good spring of rib, hindquarters well muscled allowing for good movement. 2. Cox’s Kaiteriteri Kiwi Konnexion. Chest moderately deep with a prominent breastbone, square body. Moved well around the ring. 3.Locker’s   Miccosukees Secret Recipe

Post Graduate Bitch: (3, 1abs). 1. Moore’s Odivane Sister Act. Strong head, well proportioned, dark oval eye, neck set cleanly on the shoulders. Strong forequarters, straight viewed from any direction, level back. Excellent hindquarters, free balanced movement. Res BCC. 2. Mather’s Danelbeks A Kind of Magic. Overall, a very nice girl but I would have liked better shoulders and more chest. Level topline and level on the move. In good coat.

Limit Bitch: (8, 4abs). 1.Conell’s Achnacarry Sams Girl. In excellent coat, harsh and wiry. Well proportioned head, nice dark eye. Neck set cleanly on the shoulders, level back, chest deep level with the elbow. Hindquarters well-muscled with a low set hock. 2.Atkinson’s   Boujan Hanky Panky. Completely different in type to 1. Shorter in body and not the drive when moving. 3. Stacey’s   Lefenix In The Style

Open Bitch: (3). 1. Fish & Moss’s Serenade Alarm Beskyd to Dulejoes (Imp). Strong head, medium stop, expressive dark eye and neat ears. Neck set cleanly on the shoulders, front legs straight when viewed from any angle. Good forechest and depth of chest, nice square body. Excellent hindquarters allowing for plenty of drive on the move. Topline level at all times. BCC. 2. Fletcher’s   Ch Fivepits the Detonator. Another lovely girl, well developed chest, and depth of chest. Level topline, good set of tail and rear angulation. Moved with plenty of drive around the ring. 3. Atkinson’s   Ch Appleisar Annavayro.

Veteran Bitch: (4). 1. Watson’s   Ch Jalero Miss Iowher.  Not looking her age, lovely to go over. Excellent head neck and shoulders. Moved well around the ring. In good coat, harsh and wiry and of good colour. BVB.  2. Connell’s   Achnacarry Sophies Girl. I liked this lady a lot, body nice and square with deep chest. Not the hindquarters of 1 which also affected her movement. 3. Bawden & Brown’s Ch Khanate Euro Million.

Special Black Dog or Bitch: (2). 1. Zodiac Leebren Grand Calvera (Imp). 2. Leebren Midnght Star Maker.

Judge: C Clay



I thank the committee of the NSC for inviting me to judge Miniature Schnauzers at the November Championship show. I had a really enjoyable day and was made most welcome by the committee and exhibitors. I was delighted to see my best puppy in breed go BPIS.

Puppy Dog 2 (1abs): Reeve’s  Deneens Front Runner. Lovely balanced p/s puppy soon to be out of puppy class. Strong head neat ears and a dark expressive eye. Slightly arched neck of good length, with a short strong back, good rear angulation. Moved out with drive covering the ground keeping his top line. BP.

Junior Dog 1: Pa1rker & McDonald, Violis Wait N See. 17 months, smart B/S with a good head and a keen expression, short back with a good spring of rib good rear angulation moved with drive. Lovely harsh coat well presented.

Novice Dog 1:  1. Mellor’s, Lyzahro White Here White Now. 2 year of age with a white coat good head lovely ear set good spring of rib and correct tail set with good rear angulation.

Post Graduate Dog: 3: (1). White’s Deansgate Lester Square, A compact P/S dog with a harsh well-presented coat. Head of good length neat ears and expressive dark eye. Deep chest and good spring of rib and good tail set. Moved with drive keeping his top line

(2). Fletcher’s Samavai Stand and Deliver. P/S dog a little taller than one but very smart, with a good head, neat ears, and a dark eye. A well present harsh coat looked good both stacked and on the move.

(3). Mellor’s Lyzahro White here White Now.

Limit Dog: 6 (2abs):  (1). Descere, Jackpot Tyras Akvamarinas, An eye catching black dog, presenting a good profile. Lovely head, neat ears and an expressive dark eye. Arched neck of good length with a short strong back and correct tail set. Deep chest, good spring of rib and good muscle tone. Moved with reach and drive keeping his top line. RDCC.

(2). Parker & McDonald, Silversocks Shot in the Dark with Violis. Another smart Black coat of good colour, and well presented. Good head, neat ears and a good expression, short back, deep chest, moved well both ways.

(3). McDermott’s, Lichstones Midnight Epsilon.

 Open Dog: 3 (1abs):  (1).CH Penbro Man About Town. A smart square P/S dog a lovely head, keen expression and neat ear set. Slightly arched neck of good length, deep chest, good spring of rib and a straight front. Moved well with reach & drive keeping his top line while on the move. Harsh well present coat, a real show man. DCC, BOB.

(2). McDermott’s, Lichstone The Swagman. Judged him as a puppy, he still has the qualities I liked in him then. A good head, keen expression, neck of good length, deep chest, and correct tail set. Harsh coat moved well both ways.

Veteran Dog: 3 (1abs): (1). Graham’s, Nikisan Sir Mix A Lot. A smart dog at 7 1/2, nice head and keen expression with a harsh p/s coat. Good muscle tone moved well both ways keeping his top line. BVIB.

(2). Mellor’s Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro. In good condition at 9 1/2 Slightly smaller than one good head and neck, moved well and enjoyed his day out.

Minor Puppy Bitch: 6 (1abs): (1). Davidson’s, Wellingley Way Ahead. A good size 7 mth, puppy, good head neat ear set with a keen expression. Good front, deep chest moved well both ways with a harsh P/S coat.

(2). Season’s Traphen’s Astatine. A little older than one with a harsh P/s coat of good colour lovely head neat ears and good length of neck and short back. Moved well both ways.

(3). McDermott’s Lichstone Born to Dream.

Puppy Bitch: 10 (2abs):  (1). Wood’s, Penbro Got You Talking. Soon to be out of puppy, a lovely feminine balanced bitch. A good head, keen expression and a neat ear set. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder, and a short back with a correct tail set. A well-presented P/S coat and moved well with drive keeping topline.

(2). Boyle’s. Stormover One Vision. Another lovely P/S bitch soon to be out of puppy. A good head, dark expressive eye with a moderate length of neck, a good spring of rib a deep chest. Moved well both ways.

(3). Robertson’s Kavacay Flowerful News.

Junior Bitch: 6 (3abs):  (1). Descere’s Amorevita Neris of Fortune. A lovely balanced   bitch so well presented in a harsh black coat of good colour. A good head, neat ears, a keen expression, neck slightly arched, short back, and a good front. Moved well both ways with drive keeping her topline. RBCC.

(2). Wood’s Penbro Blinder. A feminine well-presented P/S bitch, good head lovely expression, compact body, deep chest, and strong loin. Presented a lovely outline both on the move and stacked, very close to one, I sure they will change places.

(3). Hainey’s Rynuan I Got Style

Novice Bitch: 7 (4 abs): (1). Cockerham’s Yakuza Smile Like You Mean It. Compact body with good muscle tone, lovely head, dark eye and a good front and lay of shoulder. Shown in a harsh P/S coat, moved well.

(2). Stubb’s Barondaise Vision in Blue. A smart P/S bitch a little older than one, good head, dark eye and a moderate length of neck and well sprung ribs. Moved well both ways.

(3). Gavin’s Violaceous Meredith Grey.

Post Grad Bitch: 7 (2 abs). (1). Penbro Back to Black, Harsh well-presented Black coat of good colour. A dark eye giving a keen expression, neat ears, good length of neck and a deep chest. Moved well both ways with drive keeping her top line.

(2). Davies’ Secret Love Garrosh with Kristen (Imp). Lovely head, neat ears and a dark eye. Nearly square with a good spring of rib and a short back, presented in a harsh black coat and moved well,

(3) Woodford’s Karebal Candy Kisses.

Limit Bitch: 9: (1) Hood’s Ritzbeech Time to Lead. A lovely feminine P/S young bitch of good size with a harsh coat of good colour. Moved well Dark eye and neat ear set good length of neck slightly arched, well laid shoulder, a short back and good spring of rib. Moved well both ways with reach and drive and covered the ground effortlessly, keeping her top line. BCC

(2). Searson’sTraphen Ricochet. A Smart P/S bitch a little older than one, nice head, neat ears and an expressive eyes good length of neck and a deep chest. Well-presented harsh coat and moved well both ways.

(3). Descere’s Amorevita Kallisto.

 Open Bitch: 4: (1). Wood’s CH Penbro The Duchess. A good outline while stacked, good head feminine expression with neat ears. Compact body good front, deep chest with good muscle tone. Well-presented   harsh P/S coat of good colour and moved well both ways keeping her top line.

(2). Uryu’s Risepark Hidden Gem for Jokerland. Slightly smaller than one, lovely head, feminine expression and the neatest of ears. Good front, strong bone deep chest and good spring of rib. Well-presented in a harsh/S coat moved with drive both ways.

(3). Braithwaite& Neil’s Soletrader Penny Lane.

Special Black/Silver D/B 3 (2 abs): (1) Davies’ Tammux Che Sera Sera to Kristen, 9-month puppy, nice out line, dark eye with a neat ear set. Moved well both ways.

Special Black D/B: 1: (1) Davies’ Secret Love Garrosh with Kristen (Imp)

Special White D/B 3:  (1). Mellor’s Beanara Njals Saga at Lyzahro. (2). Mellor’s Lyzahro White Here and Now. (3). Williams’ Lyzahro Mostly Harmless.


MPD: (1). 1st, Killingback’s Arnost Vancouver Havana Ice Day at Figosky (imp SVK), just 6mths, of excellent colour and coat texture, well-shaped head with good bite & dark eye, plenty of rib, well set tail, good temperament, very loose in movement. BPD.

JD: (3,1abs). 1st Cullen’s Philoma One Night Only Excellent outline with good length of neck to shoulder, level top line to well set tail, overall good ratio of length to height in body, at just 14mths his head was of good length with an excellent bite.  Chest was moderately broad with straight front legs, good chest, and rib, moved out well, coat needs to tighten. Res DCC. 2nd Adamson’s Here Comes Trouble Radinie to Borderstorm (imp) very immature, Head of reasonable length with good bite, good length to neck to high shoulders enough rib for age, tail set nicely, coat textured with good colour, moved out well, needs time.

PGD: (1). 1st Trafford’s Treuherz Cydney, well-shaped with plenty of rib, strong head with correct length excellent bite, chest deep and with good width, straight front legs with good bone, good length of neck and set well onto level top line and nicely set tail, good muscle all round, good coat and colour, little tight in movement, maybe needed more space.

LD: (5, 2abs). 1st Parker’s Draxpark Fantasticus, strong masculine head with good length, powerful jaw, excellent bite, dark eye, neck nicely arched and strong, forechest with width and depth, plenty of rib.  Level topline ex tail, well-muscled, harsh jacket, and good colour, up to size. Movement suffered with lack of space; he needed a field.  2nd Ellis’ Dasval Little Big Man, not as finished as first, slighty longer in body, good head, with dark eye, enough rib nice length of neck onto a level topline which held nicely on the move, good angulation, harsh jacket, and good colour. Needs time. 3rd Melville’s Philoma American President.

OD: (4,1abs). 1st   Brown & Tunnicliffe’s Draxpark Hot Tip, this dog said Giant Schnauzer, powerful but not coarse, super outline with correct ratio of length to height, plenty of muscle, strong clean head with good length and clean powerful jaw and dark eye, correct bite, arched neck into well placed shoulder, lovely forechest with right width, deep chest, and well sprung rib. Level topline with just a slight slope to croup, well set tail. Nicely angulated with good muscle, excellent jacket, and colour, moved out well. It was a pleasure to award DCC and BOB.  Pleased to see he went Best in Show.  2nd Staples’s Ch Reisenheim Taio Cruz to Ruffhaus. Well shaped with correct length to body, excellent jacket, slightly finer head than first but still masculine, with good length to head, with well-placed ear, dark eye and good bite, nice arch to neck onto level topline, good tail set and moved out well. 3rd Veal’s CH Philoma Man After Midnight,

VD: (1). 1st Parker’s Ch Draxpark Black Jack, very compact dog, with good forechest. Good head with length, dark eye, nice length of neck to shoulder, plenty of rib with excellent jacket. BVD.

MPB: (1). 1st Malcolm’s Adacolm Russia With Love, 6 mth old, reasonable body and rib, nice clean head, good mouth and bite, dark eye, neck okay with level topline and tail set, moved okay.  Plenty of time.

PB: (2). 1st Griffin & Cullen’s Echodream Going South to Philoma, Sweet bitch with good length to head, dark eye excellent bite and mouth, lovely forechest with enough width, good rib and depth. Straight front legs and enough angulation at rear, reasonable body for age. Good coat and colour.  BPB & BPIB.  2nd Parker’s Fostergiants Revelation at Draxpark, good length to head, dark eye, well placed ear, correct muzzle and bite. Lovely shape to body with good rib and tail set. Could do with a little more angulation at rear, needs to tighten in movement.

JB: (1). 1st Willis’s Limara La Luna, well-shaped, with good jacket, head of correct length and width with good ear placement, dark eye, good bite, nice flow of neck to shoulder onto a level topline and good tail set.  Nicely ribbed with enough depth and chest, good angulation, moved out well.

PGB: (3). 1st Bullock’s Ouseview’s Maggie May, Head of good length with nice ear placement, dark eye, and good bite, set to a clean neck with good flow to well-placed shoulder and level topline, good rib and depth to chest plenty of bone and excellent harsh jacket. Movement a little loose. 2nd Willis’s Limara La Luna. 3rd   Turner’s Dayshaun Pink Flamingo.

LB: (5, 2abs). 1st Parker’s Draxpark Dramaticus. Clean head with length and correct ear placement, good finish to jaw with strong bite, dark eye. Nice depth to chest and straight leg, plenty of rib, clean neck, and lovely flow from head to tail, level topline and good tail set., correct jacket.  Res BCC. 2nd Trafford’s Treuherz Georgia, Lovely head with dark eye and correct bite, nice width and narrowing gradually to nose, correct forechest and well ribbed, enough depth. Good flow from head on to shoulder, plenty of bone and nice angulation. Excellent jacket and good movement.  3rd Veal’s Philoma American in Paris.

OB: (5, 2abs).  1st. Cullen’s Ch Philoma Leading Lady, Super shaped body. excellent proportions, head of good length with nice ear placement, dark eye, head narrowing from ear to a blunt jaw with correct bite.  Plenty of forechest with just enough width and straight front, good rib, and flow from back of head to tail. Clean neck and good shoulder placement, good dark harsh jacket, well angulated and moved out soundly.  BCC & RBOB. 2nd Whitney & Di-Martino’s Primavista Imaginarium, nice to size feminine bitch. Harsh jacket, good head with correct length, nice ear placement, dark eye, and excellent bite. Enough depth in chest with plenty of rib, and reasonable width, straight front. Level topline and good tail set, moved out freely, would have liked a little more substance.     3rd Rotherforth’s Silbertraum Ice Maiden.

VB: (2, 1abs).  1st George & Mellor’s Debutante Vom Schloss Ehrenberg mit Daserbe ShCM VW (imp) well bodied bitch with an excellent jacket, clean head with lovely dark eye, deep chested plenty of rib, good tail set, nice angulation and one of the best movers on the day. BVB & BVIB.

Sp P/S D/B: (6, abs 3). 1st Trafford’s Treuherz Georgia. 2nd Trafford’s Treuherz Cydney.               3rd Rotherforth’s Sibertraum Ice Maiden

Judge: Janet Callow



      Left to Right

         BIS: Draxpark Hot Tip; Judge: Mrs Karen Bradbury-Hall;  RBIS Ch Miccosukees Never Forget at Filigrees

  Left to Right:

      BPIS: Deneens Front Runner; Judge: Mrs Karen Bradbury-Hall; BVIS: Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM



Best Dog Line up and Best in Breed

Left to Right: Best Dog Line up and Best in Breed

BOB: Ch Penbro Man About Town; Judge: Mrs Elspeth Kelly; RBOB: JackpotTyras Akvamarins (Imp); BPIB: Deneens Front Runner; BVIB: Nikisan Sir Mix A Lot

Best Bitch Line up

Left to Right:

Best Bitch: Ritzbeech Time To lead; Judge: Mrs Elspeth Kelly; RBB:Amorevita Neris of Fortune; BPB: Penbro Blinder



Left to Right

BOB: Ch Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers; RBOB: Nichi Stradivarius at Miccosukees (Imp); Judge: Mr Chris Clay; BPIB: Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin;  BVIB: Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM

Best Dog Line up

Left to Right:

Dog CC: Ch Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers; Judge: Mr Chris Clay; RDCC: Nichi Stradivarius at Miccosukees (Imp); BVD: Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM; BPD: Leebren Midnight Star Maker; 


Best Bitch Lineup

Left to Right:

Bitch CC: Serenade Alarm Beskyd to Diulejoes; RBCC: Odivane Sister Act; BPB: Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin; BVB: Ch Jalero Miss Iowa



Left to Right:

Judge: Mrs Janet Callow; BOB: Draxpark Hot Tip; RBOB: Ch Philoma Leading Lady; BPIB: Echodream Going South to Philoma; BVIB: Debutante com Schloss Ehrenberg mix Deserve ShCM VW (Imp)

Best Dog & RBD

  Left to Right:

Dog CC: Draxpark Hot Tip; Judge: Mrs Janet Callow; RDCC: Philoma One Night Only

Best Veteran Dog & Best Puppy Dod

Left to Right:

BVD: Ch Draxpark Black Jack; Judge: Mrs Janet Callow; BPD: Arnost Vancouver Havana Ice Day at Figosky (Imp) (naf) (taf)

Best Bitch line up

Left to Right:

Bitch CC: Ch Philoma Leading Lady; Judge: Mrs Janet Callow; RBCC: Draxpark Dramaticus;           BPB: Echodrream Going South to Philoma; BVB: Debutante com Schloss mix Deserve ShCM VW (Imp)


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