Northern Schnauzer Club  Championship Show 2019 


BIS:               Mrs Di Herring

Schnauzers:  Mrs Carol Wareham

Miniatures:   Mrs Diana Martin

Giants:          Mrs Heather Smith

Show Results

BIS:        Fish’s Foxwood’s Femme Fatale for Dulejoes  

RBIS:      Veal’s Ch Philoma Man After Midnight                     

BPIS:      Moore’s Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers      

BVIS:       Dursley’s Ch Wellingley Won To Please ShCM    



BOB:              Wise’s Uireda Joe’s Lass Goes South to Brumist

RBOB:            Boulton’s Ch Boujan Independent Climax

BP:                 Moore’s Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers

BV:                 Bawden & Brown’s Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM

DOG CC:       Bawden & Brown’s Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM

RDCC:           Lockyer’s Nichi Stradivarius at Miccosukees (Imp ITA)

BPD:              Moore’s Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers

BVD:              Bawden & Brown’s Ch Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM

BITCH CC:      Wise’s Uireda Joe’s Lass Goes South to Brumist

RBCC:            Boulton’s Ch Boujan Independent Climax

BPB:               Boulton’s Boujan Geese Pot

BVB:               Bawden & Brown’s Khanate Euro Million 


BOB:              Wareing’s Caskayd Cracksman

RBOB:            Boyle’s Stornovar Voulez Vous

BP:                Woods & Braithwaite’s Penbro Kensington

BV:                Dursley’s Ch Wellingley Won To Please ScCM

DOG CC:       Wareing’s Caskayd Cracksman

RDCC:           Graham’s Nikisan Sir Mix A Lot

BPD:              Woods & Braithwaite’s Penbro Kensington

BVD:             Dursley’s Ch Wellingley Won To Please ScCM

BITCH CC:     Boyle’s Stornovar Voulez Vous

RBCC:            Longdin’s Wellingley What’s Rockin’

BPB:               Hayes’ Arkangath Foxglove


BOB:               Fish’s Foxwood’s Femme Fatale for Dulejoes

RBOB:            Veal’s Ch Philoma Man After Midnight

BP:                  Cullen’s Philoma Napoleon Solo

BV:                  Dunne’s Demari Veris Baccara Bravo

DOG CC:       Veal’s Ch Philoma Man After Midnight

RDCC:            Brown & Tunnicliffe’s Draxpark Hot Tip

BPD:               Cullen’s Philoma Napoleon Solo

BITCH CC:    Fish’s Foxwood’s Femme Fatale for Dulejoes

RBCC:            Cullen’s Ch Philoma Lana Lang

BPB:               Whitney & Di-Martino’s Primavista Imaginarium

BVB:               Dunne’s Demari Veris Baccara Bravo


BIS CRITIQUE - Mrs Di Herring

I would like to thank the Committee for the honour of judging Best In Show at the show on 9th November 2019. I had a lovely day and one of the highlights was to see two 14-year old miniature schnauzers with R.A.F. coats (for Memorial Day). One had Sergeant stripes and they both had the most wonderful old faces.

BIS:          Fish’s Foxwood’s Femme Fatale for Dulejoes – Giant Schnauzer. This femine bitch had a lovely outline with correct sloping topline. Good facial planes and dentition. Excellent harsh coat and good to see second thigh.

RBIS:       Veal’s Ch Philoma Man After Midnight – Giant Schnauzer. I have judged this dog before and he ticks all the boxes in all departments. 

BPIS:        Moore’s Miccosukees Never Forget At Fillipers – Schnauzer. A very well-prepared dog puppy of correct size.Good head with correct bite. Lovely reach of neck, with sloping topline. Well-muscled and good depth of chest for his age.

BVIS:        Dursley’s Ch Wellingley Won To Please ShCM – Miniature Schnauzer. 8-year old dog in excellent condition. Good length of head with well-placed ears, correct dentition. Very harsh coat and moved with drive.

Judge: Mrs Di Herring


 I would like to thank the committee of the Northern Schnauzer for offering me to judge the Schnauzers at their show. It was a good day with a lovely atmosphere.

Minor Puppy Dog (1).  1   Ray’s Ksantia Easy To Please At Minnienoom just 6mths cobby dog with a good length of head and decent body. Harsh coat. Moved well for one so young.

Puppy Dog (2).  1 Moore’s Miccosukees Never Forget at Fillipers. Lovely puppy. Good head and neck flowing onto well laid shoulders. Short back, with a good harsh coat. Moved out well and stood correctly. BP & BPIS.

Maiden’s Desolation Row Lady’s Pride At Maidlens. Promising puppy, not so mature as 1st Coat texture OK. Moved reasonably well although a little close behind which should improve with maturity

Junior(2 2ABS)

 Post Grad (2) 1 Nichi Stradivarius At Miccosukees. Pleasing head with dark oval eyes, Nice top line. Good forechest and well sprung ribs. Stood square. Moved well RCC.

2 Sutherland’s Uireda’s Lemon And Lime. Nice dog, would prefer to see more depth of ribs. Good in coat. Not so positive on the move as 1

Limit Dog (1) 1 Railton’s Odivane Master Class With Lefenix. Pleasing in profile. Bit narrow in front which showed when he moved.

Open Dog (4 1 ABS) 1 Boulton’s Ch. Boujan Fizzy Stuff. Quality dog of a larger size Liked his ring presence. Moved well.

2 Lockyer’s Ch Miccosukees Winning Hand. Square dog. Good in profile. Would have liked a better coat and preferred movement of 1st.

3 Schole’s Maidluns On The Bright Side.

Veteran Dog (3) 1 Bawden & Brown’s Ch Khanate Gin Fizz. Lovely Dog. Square & cobby with neck flowing on to shoulders. Good head. Dark eyes. Very harsh coat. Moved and stood correctly. CC & Best Veteran

2 Fletcher’s Fivepits The Mole. Good head and neck. Square in profile. Moved well.

3 Railton’s Ch Jalero Mr Tennyson Of Lefenix.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3 (1 ABS) 1 Ray’s Ksantia Everyone A Winner At Minnienoom. Very immature puppy. Good depth of ribs for her age. Moved well.

2 Fish & Moss’s Serenade Alarm Beskyd To Dulejoes. Another very immature puppy with a good coat. Maturity should tighten her up on the move.

Puppy Bitch (3 1ABS) Boujan’s Geese Pot. Promising puppy with lots to like. Good coat, square and cobby. Moved OK. BPB

2 Atkinson’s Appleisar Anna Vayro. Bigger puppy, not such a good flow of neck onto shoulders. Moved OK.

Junior Bitch (6 2ABS) 1 Maiden’s Maidluns Amazing Grace. Good sized square bitch. Well sprung ribs. Moved well

2 Sutherland’s Storms Trail. Nice to go over but was very unsure of herself which spoilt her when stood.

3 Bullock’s Ouseview Gracious Galaxy.

Post Grad Bitch ((7 1ABS) 1 Moore’s Odivane Aunt Sally. Well made bitch. Good head, dark eyes, nice flow of neck. Looked good stood and moved well.

2 Connell’s Achnacarry Sam’s Girl. Another good quality bitch, just lost out to 1st on movement.

3 Bullock’s Ouseview Causing Chaos.

Limit Bitch (4 1ABS)  Both 1st and 2nd were overall quality bitches but did not show themselves to their full potential. 1 Watson’s Miccosukees Guess Who At Jalero. Cobby bitch that did not stand well in profile but moved well.

2 Hole’s Gemma’s Gem.  Close up on 1st but slightly longer made.

3 Connell’s Achnacarry Quincy’s Girl

Open Bitch (9 3 ABS) Best class of the day. 1 Uireda Joe’s Lass Goes South To Brumist. Lovely square bitch. Good head, dark eyes, flowed neck onto shoulders. Good forechest and deep well sprung ribs. Correct top line sloping gently to croup. Liked her attitude Looked good in profile and on the move. CC & BOB.

2 Ch. Boulton’s Boujan Independent Climax. She had the same attributes as the 1st but felt the 1st had a better top line when stood. RCC.

3 Connell’s Achnacarry Sophies Girl.

Veteran Bitch (4 1ABS) 3 lovely veteran bitches. 1 Bawden & Brown’s Ch. Khanate Euro Million. Very good bitch in all departments and moves round the ring with ease. Looks good when stood.

2 Clark’s Commondale Coralie At Ilashi. Lots to like. but preferred the size of 1st.

3 Fletcher’s Fivepits Mydas Touch.

Judge Mrs Carol Wareham.


It was a great honour to be asked to judge Miniature Schnauzers. This was  my 1st time awarding  CCs in this breed. A very special thank you to the Northern Schnauzer Club Committee for the invitation and a very special thank you to all the exhibitors who gave me  their support  and entry and  a very, very  special thank you to my two wonderful stewards.

MPD   1  Partner’s Wellingley Won For The News at Onfleek. Lovely p/s baby, square in outline, well-balanced, good spring of rib, beautiful head. Held his topline on the move, best mover  in the class. Good harsh jacket, will have a bright future.

 2  Descere’s Jack Pot Tyras Akvamarinas (Imp) (naf). Black baby with a good harsh jacket, dark eye, lovely head, good spring of rib, slightly taller than 1. Lost on movement but he is still a baby.

 3  Brown & Duckett’s Jastalla Rules Of The Game

 PD      1  Woods & Braithwaite’s Penbro Kensington. Just loved this puppy, 10-month old. Lovely to go over. He excels in forechest, super showman, compact and well put together, good angulation, lovely clean topline, super neck, lovely head. His movement was excellent, nicely angled front and back. BPD, BPIB.

 2  Bell’s Glockens Raise Your Spirit. Slightly taller than 1. Nice head, neat ears, lovely coat, well-proportioned, not the movement of 1. Good topline, square on profile. Didn’t quite have the forechest of 1.

 JD       1  Fleetwood & Masterton’s Toosum Show Business. Very smart junior. Excellent slope to topline, lovely arched neck, square, moved strongly coming and going.

 2  Longdin’s Wellingley Won Night Stand. Beautiful dog in profile, well-balanced head, dark eye, good angulation, well presented, just preferred the substance of and movement of 1.

 3 Fehilly’s Starbound Ganymead for Vonkev

ND      1  Parker & McDonald’s Silversocks Shot In The Dark with Violis. Stood alone, good head, harsh jacket, lovely to go over, nicely balanced, sound mover.

 PGD   1  Daniels’ Jansad Presents Walter. P/s lovely type and quality, very pleasing proportions, well-developed in body, good spring of rib, best mover on the day in this class.

 2  Flynn’s Risepark All The Rage at Rynuan. Another dog of pleasing proportions and outline, square

 3  McDermott’s Lichstone Midnight Epsilon

 LD       1  Wareing’s Caskayd Cracksman. Black, quality dog, lovely head, dark eye, neat ears, well-rounded rib cage, good forechest and movement, just couldn’t be faulted. A beautiful dog to go over DCC & BOB

2  McDermott’s Lichstone The Swagman. P/s smart dog with a very good coat, nicely arched neck and good slope to topline, eye oval. Impressive profile, just lost out on movement.

3  Wise & Holm’s Lucas Iz Kupchino (Imp)

 OD      1  Graham’s Nikisan Sir Mix A Lot. A lot to like about this p/s, pushed hard for DCC. Well-presented, harsh coat, good chest, balanced throughout and compact, good level topline that he kept when moving, lovely dog to go over. RDCC

 2  Hood’s Jastalla Born Leader. Pushed hard for 1st place, well-balanced throughout and correct. Excellent, well-proportioned head with dark eyes, just didn’t move on the day as 1.

 3  Boyle’s Stornovar Sergeant Pepper

 VD      1  Dursley’s Ch Wellingley Won To Please ShCM. This boy did please. Such a showman, harsh jacket, square, beautiful to go over, he really enjoyed the day. BVD, BVIB & BVIS.

 MPB   1  Hayes’ Arkangath Foxglove. Lovely puppy, so young with loads of promise, very femine head, good dark eye, good reach of neck flowing into well-laid shoulders. Good topline, square, moved very well for a baby. BPB.

 2  Wise & Johnson’s Marnimica Pick N Mix. Very pretty p/s bitch, pushed hard for 1st place, very compact, square, good femine head with good dark eye, good reach of neck flowing into well-laid shoulders. Pleasing to go over, just preferred the movement of 1.

 3  Hood’s Jastalla Game On

 PB      1  Dobson’s Becjavic Meet Destiny. P/s very promising puppy, good coat, nice head, lovely compact body and positive mover, very smart outline.

 2  Ward & Frost-Ward’s Tambamoor Andromeda. B/s well-balanced, smart outline, good jacket.

 JB       1  Boyle’s Stornovar Voulez Vous. Wanted to take her home. Excellent outline, square, feminine but with substance, lovely head, eye, ears, lovely neck leading into straight topline, well developed chest, moved  well from all angles. Just lovely to go over. Has a bright future.  BCC & RBOB

 2  Descere’s Amorevita Kallisto. Black beautiful harsh coat, true black, also presented well, smart outline, well balanced pretty head and ears, well-sprung ribcage, good mover.

 3  Bell’s Glockens Raise The Alarm

 NB      1  Herdman’s Bryonyhill Special Request. P/s stood alone, presents a smart outline, well balanced, nice head and ears, lovely neck into level topline, good movement.

 PGB     1  Beardall’s Gainsfield Flanders Fields. Smart girl, excellent type. Good head, lovely neck, well proportioned, ribs well-sprung, lovely turn of stifle, lovely movement from all sides.

 2  Parker & McDonald’s Jokerland’s Honey Pot for Violis. P/s slightly smaller than 1 but also should have a bright future, good head and dark eye, uses her ears well, good front and a flowing neckline, well ribbed, good hind angulation, sound movement

 3  Carver’s Oldbashurst Easter Time

 LB       1  Longdin’s Wellingley What’s Rockin’. A super class.  Excellent proportions of height to length, feminine but with substance, excels in head, good eye, chest, well-sprung ribs, moved with drive, pushed hard for BCC. RBCC

 2  Dixon’s Andix Forever Vera

 3  McDermott’s Lichstone Waltzing Matilda

 OB      1  Woods’ Ch Penbro Put A Spell On You JW ShCM. Excellent type, beautiful head, really feminine p/s. Balanced, arched neck and smart topline, handled well, good harsh jacket, excellent movement          

 2  Gordon’s Ch Surechanz Quartzite for Maritzi. Another one that oozes quality. Presented to perfection, shown and handled well.

 3  Uyru’s Joker Land’s Dream Maker (Imp)

 VB        No Entries

 Sp. B&S D or B           1  Byrnes’ Iron Maiden De Akra Leuka (Imp)

                                    2  Rayner’s Farcik Dzikie Pola at Dakyla (Imp)

                                    3  Rayner’s Dakyla Crazy Stupid Love

 Sp. B D or B                1  Carver’s Oldbashurst Easter Time

                                    2  Joy’s Mutzlee Mercedes

                                    3  Mellor’s Habanera Eldzh Hope for Lyzahro (Imp)

 Sp. W D or B               1  Williams’ Saraswati Bonno Blue with Lyzahro (Imp)


Judge: Mrs Diana Martin


This was my first time of presenting CCs and I would like to thank the Northern Schnauzer Cub and Committee for the invitation and the exhibitors for the super entry for the club and the support given. It was a great honour. I had some real quality dogs, some very strong classes which was highlighted by my BOB and RBOB taking the top honours of Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show under breed specialist Di Herring.

MPD: 2. (0). 1 Cullen’s Philoma Napoleon Solo. Loved this super quality puppy full of substance, Square, with nice head, dark eye, correct bite, good bone and balanced throughout with good topline for age and slightly sloping croup, correct tailset, good rear angulation, Moved soundly with good rear drive, full of confidence for his first show. BPD & BP. 2 Parker’s Gloris Rafael Draxpark (imp Rus) naf taf. Another super quality promising 6 month old with character, good proportion, balanced throughout, nice distinctive head of good proportions with a lovely eye and expression, developing chest and correct front, good topline for age with correct tailset, good length of stifle into correct hock, not as settled as winner today but this will definitely come, another first show I believe.

PD: 0

JD: 2 (2)

 PGD: 1 (1)

 LD: 4 (0). 1 Brown & Tunnicliffe’s Draxpark Hot Tip. Powerful, robust, strong, type dog, balanced throughout, good Strong head with flat forehead, dark eye and good stop, powerful muzzle finishing the head, prefer more neck but well placed shoulder, deep chest, correct front, good stifle with developed first and second thigh slightly weaker in hock, level topline, harsh jacket, best mover in the class. RDCC.                     2 Whitney & Di Martino’s Primavista’s High Voltage. Almost 2year old slighter dog, but still in balance, would have preferred more head, but lovely dark eye with good expression, good length neck into shoulder with good chest of correct depth, correct topline and good tailset, good rear straight hocks, neat feet, harsh coat, unsettled on entering the ring, seemed to drop his head on the move which spoilt his outline on the move today. 3 Watmough & Allen’s Lucavale Washington at Andmaura.

 OD: 6 (1). 1 Veal’s Ch Philoma Man after Midnight. Superb substantial male of correct size, good balance, almost square, super head, dark eye and neat ear set, correct scissor bite, good length neck, appears slightly upright in shoulder but balances when pulled out, highlighting good strong correct topline and tailset, good spring of rib, strong rear with good angulation, good jacket, moved soundly with power and drive. Handled and presented expertly. DCC, RBIS.  2 McDonald’s Velournoir Demetrius Neptune taf. Larger male, strong 20-month old, balanced throughout, super head of good length, stood well in this strong class, dark eye, good length neck into well placed shoulder, would have liked a bit more depth chest but still young, good strong topline and correct tailset, slightly longer in loin than 1, good front and rear angulation, good jacket with leg furnishings, moved and presented well. 3 Tyson’s Ch Tyshunde Apprentice.

 VD: 0

MPB: 4 (1). 1 Reeves & Bullock’s Ouseview’s Hot Legs taf. Promising quality p/s 6- month old puppy, lots of substance for age, nice head, with lovely expression, good stop, dark muzzle and neat ear-set, correct bite, breastbone there, neat feet, good rear angulation, harsh jacket, topline to come yet, steady on the move. 2 Innes’s Igla Fluffy Star. Lovely puppy, not as substantial as 1 and very raw but has everything to come, super head beautiful dark oval eye, nice length neck into well placed shoulder, breastbone there, forward facing front feet, topline there, good tuck up, lots of developing and confidence will come. 3 Bullock’s Ouseview’s Maggie May.

PB: 2 (0). 1 Whitney & Di Martino’s Primavista’s Imaginarium. 9-month old puppy of good balance, Nice head and good outline, correct bite, good reach of neck into well placed shoulder, breastbone there, good topline into correct tailset, nice rear angulation and good first thigh for age and straight hocks, all to come to her with maturity, neat feet, moved soundly, stands correctly without over stretching, presented well. BPB. 2 Menary’s Ferncliffe’s Black Bluebell at Jennyfield. Substantial 8-month almost square puppy, nice head, neat ear-set, skull still to develop, good chest for age, and good shoulder placement, topline to come, would have liked to have seen move a little faster.  

JB: 3 (1). 1 Parker’s Draxpark Check Me Out. Caught my eye, full of substance, correct type, nice feminine head, dark eye, lovely flowing neck into shoulder with correct level topline, super breastbone with good depth of chest to elbow, slightly wide in front, straight front legs and forward facing feet, nice tuck up and good length of stifle giving good rear angulation, good harsh coat with harsh furnishings, moved well, all there, very promising young bitch one to watch. 2 Cullen’s Philoma Leading Lady. Slighter looking bitch at the moment than 1 but everything there, of excellent quality, good length head, dark eye, lovely expression, good length neck, breastbone there and good depth of chest, straighter in upper arm, would like to see her pulled out more, good tailset with nicely rounded rump and correct strong developing rear, moved soundly, freely and balanced.

 PGB: 2 (1). 1 Reeves & Bullock’s Treuherz Bluma. P/s 18-month old substantial bitch, nice head with kind expression and dark eye, and dark mask, correct bite, good length neck into shoulder, good front, forward facing feet, nice depth of chest, slightly long in stifle but good developed 1st and 2nd thighs, topline unsteady but movement improved as handled.

 LB: 4 (1). 1 Fish’s Foxwood’s Femme Fatale for Dulejoes. Super bitch of medium size, correct type and balanced throughout, almost square, good head, super dark eye, lovely flowing neck into correct topline with slightly sloping croup and well balanced tailset, good front and depth of chest, the right amount of rib, nice tuck up, good stifle and straight hock to floor, harsh coat, little furnishings, moved soundly with good rear drive, handled and presented expertly she really showed herself today to gain BCC, BOB & BIS. 2 Rotherforth’s Silbertraum Ice Maiden. P/s nice bitch of good substance, Square, balanced, good head clean cheeks, correct mouth, good length neck into shoulder, would have liked more depth to chest, slightly straight in stifle but pulled out makes a well-balanced profile, good jacket, neat feet, Moved well. 3 Trafford’s Treuherz Georgia

OB: 8 (2). 1 Cullen & Thomas’s Ch Philoma Lang Lang. Super quality substantial bitch of larger size, good strong head, dark eye with lovely expression, nice neat ear-set, correct scissor bite, strong breastbone, neat forward facing front feet, correct level topline good croup, harsh coat, correct rear, solid and sound on the ground with superb free balanced movement, handled and presented expertly. RBCC. 2 Whitney & Di Martino’s Primavista’s Got the Look ShCM. a lovely substantial bitch, balanced throughout, good head, super dark eye and kind expression, straight front facing feet, good depth chest, nice spring of rib with good tuck up, level topline and correct tailset, correct rear angulation presented herself superbly, moved soundly with drive to gain highly regarded 2nd in a very strong class. 3 Bakewell’s Foxwood’s Femme Nikita.

VB:1 (0). 1 Dunne’s Demari Veris Baccara Bravo. 8-year old substantial veteran bitch , in good condition, good strong head dark eye, kind expression, neat ear-set, would like a bit more length in front legs and upper arm to enhance her solid deep chest, good rib, sound topline for age, correct tailset, correct rear angulation, moved soundly and steady. BVB & BV

Special P/S: 6.  1 Watmough & Allen’s Lucavale Washington at Andmaura. Substantial male, good strong head with dark mask, nice eye good, stop and correct bite, flowing neck into shoulder, nice spring of rib, good depth chest, forward facing front feet, good rear angulation, good harsh jacket, moved soundly.  2 Rotherforth’s Silbertraum Ice Maiden. 3 Trafford’s Treuherz Georgia.

Judge: H J Smith.


Many thanks to all our Judges l – r:

Mrs Carol Wareham, Mrs Diana Martin, Mrs Heather Smith & Mrs Di Herring


Best In Show Winners l – r: BIS, RBIS, Mrs Di Herring, BPIS & BVIS


Standard Overall Winners l – r: BOB, RBOB, Mrs Carol Wareham, BV & BP

Standard overall winners

Standard Dog Winners l – r: DCC & BVD, Mrs Carol Wareham, RDCC & BPD

Standard dog winners

Standard Bitch Winners l – r: BVB, BCC, Mrs Carol Wareham, RBCC & BPB

Standard bitch winners

Miniature Overall Winners l – r: BOB, RBOB, Mrs Diane Martin, BP & BV

Mini overall winners

Miniature Dog Winners l – r: DCC, RDCC, Mrs Diana Martin, BPD & BVD

Mini dog winners

Miniature Bitch Winners l – r: BCC, Mrs Diana Martin, RBCC & BPB

Mini bitch winners

Overall Giant Winners l – r: BOB, Mrs Heather Smith, RBOB, BP & BV

Giant overall winners

Giant Dog Winners l – r: DCC, RDCC & BPD

Giant dog winners

Giant Bitch Winners l – r: BCC, RBCC, BPB & BVB

Giant bitch winners



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